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1 hour ago, ShanesPlanet said:

Backwards to forwards is a LOT of torque.

Very true with my fat behind... and sides and front LOL

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AND, be sure the Chief Financial Officer knows that having the correct tools is the very reason that the cost of tools are NOT part of the cost of the toy project. My problem is we downsized and

Now I need to watch a 16X break down video as I want to see the balloons!   Well, I was absolutely shocked by the lack of goop in this wheel. Per GW, I thought that it was industry

Picked up a used 16X earlier today. It had a broken handle (resolved) and the rim is basically destroyed.  I was going to shelf the repair until next month, but it is quite a fun little wheel so

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I found a random fire road that the county turned into a "trail" that is literally off of a highway with no parking. The plus is that nobody uses it due to its location. It is a nice 2.2 mile half loop of dirt flat track. There is a really fun section where there is 2-3 inches of top soil that the 16X glides across. feels very similar to being on fresh/deep powder on a snowboard. I have taken all 4 of my primary wheels out to the trail since finding it a few days ago. I thought that the MSP was going to be best tool, but not so much for this location.

1. 16X - thought this would be the worst experience due to the smaller wheel size, but it ended up being the best wheel for this trail. The way it floated over the loose sections was plain fun. I never felt out of control and can see why people want to push this wheel past 30MPH

2. Sherman - I usually do not take the Sherman on trails, but thought it would be alright due to the flat nature of this location. The knobby tire combined with the heavy weight of the wheel made for a very enjoyable ride as well. This wheel reminded me of my dirt biking days with the roost it was shooting (probably should have installed my mud guard LOL). Fun, but my knees were aching after 4.6 miles.

3. V11 - I only put this wheel above the MSP because of the comfort of the suspension. Otherwise same tire which I feel is the main issue with this trail. The tire seems to loose stability very easily in loose soil. Otherwise the suspension did a good job - rebounded as expected. But that tire... 

4. MSP - the wheel handled fine, but it was the only wheel that I rode the additional 3 miles from my house so there was some additional fatigue... and it was the first wheel I took on the trails . I probably need to revisit the MSP out there under different circumstances. 

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