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MSP: How many miles before you should replace your motherboard?


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I've got an MSP HT that's past 5000km. I'm wondering if I should order an extra motherboard now before they get harder to find. 

What do you guys think - how long do you expect your motherboard to last? At what point would you replace it just to be safe?

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3 hours ago, alcatraz said:

Hmm. If I get to 30.000km is it a danger to keep riding I wonder. Like the capacitors are wearing out or something?

The electrolytic capacitors so dry out, especially in a warm/hot device. But hot guitar amps generally need new electrolytics after a few decades of usage. Based on that, I don’t think age would be an issue for the electrolytics in a 2 year old EUC.

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53 minutes ago, alcatraz said:


I wonder if deteriorating capacitors can be measured with a common multimeter?


Nope. You need a tool called an LCR bridge or LCR meter (essentially the same but different machines), and you must remove the part to measure it.

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