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DarknessBot Announcements - Developer posting only

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Version 7.0 available in App Store!


- Ninebot ES/E45/G30/G30P/G30D/G30LE/G30LD/G30LP
- Xiaomi Pro/Pro2/1S/Essential
- Ninebot Mini Mecha Kit and GoKart
- Inmotion V12
- KingSong S3


- Ninebot/Xiaomi: Added new firmwares support
- Ninebot/Xiaomi: Improved battery info reading
- Gotway: Improved support for MCM4/MCM5/ACM/MS3/MSX/MSP/Nikola/Nikola Plus/Tesla/Tesla3/MTen3/RS/EX/EXN/Monster/Monster Pro/DTen/DTen Plus models
- Gotway: Added model selection on first connection or in Device Settings
- Gotway: Improved changing Max Speed, Limit Speed, Limit Speed Mode, Alarms Mode, Calibration
- Inmotion: Improved support for V11 model


- Added PWM tile on Dashboard screen for EUCs
- Added alarms by PWM for EUCs


- Added "Return to app" option in Wake screen settings
- Added PWM parameter


- Improved app startup performance
- KingSong: Fixed some models detection and incorrect battery level
- Improved French and Ukrainian localizations

For any questions please, go to our topic



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Release DarknessBot 7.1:

- Graphs: Added zooming and scrolling for detailed viewing

- Video Recorder: Added PWM and Temperature parameters

- Trips: Added PWM and device information

- Trips: Improved performance

- Trips: Fixed date appearance for some trips

- Trips: Fixed sharing for some trips

- Xiaomi: Added support for new party 1S model (required BLE 1.2.9 or prior)

- Xiaomi: Improved battery info reading

- Xiaomi: Fixed speed appearance for some models

- Inmotion V12: Unlocked max speed for 70 kph

- Ninebot One Z: Improved PWM calculation

- GPS Tracker: Added the ability to record with low geolocation accuracy

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Several days ago we finally released 7.2 version!


- Added Automatic Volume: Music volume will be changed by speed



- Added device rename option in Device settings



- KingSong S20

- Ninebot One S2 with new firmwares



- KingSong: Added settings for max roll angle and handle modes

- Ninebot One Z: Improved connection

- Inmotion V10/V10F/V11/V12: Improved connection

- Gotway: Improved battery level calculation



- HomeKit Outlet: Added pre-charging before switching off option

- Siri/Dualshock/HomeKit/Flic Button: Added play/pause, next/previous track, Automatic Volume actions

- Siri: Added lock action

- Apple Watch: Added route points on Map

- Apple Watch: Added Automatic Volume option

- Graphs: Added appearance extremums in low zoom

- Graphs: Improved Performance

- Graphs: Improved UI

- Settings: Improved UI on Integration screens

- Map: Improved performance for routing

- Improved performance after connecting to the transport

- Improved connection animation

- Improved German and Chinese localization



- Fixed a bug that causes the application to crash with connected Apple Watch in some cases

- Fixed a bug that causes the application to crash when clearing application data in some cases

- Fixed sorting in Ratings

- Battery info: Fixed the display of the graph for the cell voltages for second battery

- Inmotion V11/V12: Fixed metrics reading in some cases

- Trips: Fixed Roll sharing



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