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Veteran Sherman charger odd behaviour: red LED blinking


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During the first charge of my new Sherman, the OEM charger behaves strangely.


  • The red LED, indicating charging blinks every 2s or so
  • The fan slows down every time the LED blinks
  • The charger itself gets pretty toasty 

The wheel seem to get charged normally, at 5A approx but I'm concerned about the longevity of the charger, knowing that Sherman charger malfunctions can easily burn the wheel's mainboard.

Maybe the charger encounters a fault and restarts every 2s?

Have you observed the same cyclic behaviour on your own Sherman charger?
I wonder if it's safe to charge the wheel with it.


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  • supercurio changed the title to Veteran Sherman charger odd behaviour: red LED blinking

My 6A charger does exactly the same thing all through the charge process, same charger never did it at all with the MSX. So I can only assume it's normal on the Shermie, what with it's slightly different charging process. I presume the main board is taking a voltage reading/safety check every few seconds?

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