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Hoverboard Vibrating?


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So first off I'm not too sure if this is an actual issue but my mom thinks it is. 

When I get off my hoverboard, every now and then (and its so rare that this happens) it shakes/vibrates for a second on the foot that's still on the board. Recently my friend did something incredibly stupid and hover-boarded over to a table and lifted his weight of the board while his feet remain on the pedals. The hoverboard shook for like 5 seconds as I yelled at him to get off of it. Keep in mind he was using MY board. My mom thinks that the shaking is a problem and is very concerned about it (I mean shes a mom it's kinda her job to be concerned about anything remotely "out of wack"). I told her it was normal for boards to do that and it wasn't just my board. And im positive that it is because I've seen name brand boards such as IO-Hawk or UWheels on you tube do that shake when someone either gets off or leaves some of their weight on it.

My point is: can someone please confirm that this shake happens to all boards and you just have to either keep all your weight on the board or just get off of it completely?

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