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The Wheel and The Way of Bruce and Jackie


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On 6/25/2021 at 11:40 PM, Skeptikos said:

I think you showed the G-Form Pro-X MTB Padded Compression Shirt when you say a rib protector would have helped. Do you think that would have been enough to stop you from cracking the rib? G-Form doesn't seem to specify how much impact absorption it provides.

Yes that was the G-form. I am not 100% sure if it would have even saved my ribs. I had a similar incident with their elbow pads. I landed on my elbow 3 weeks ago when my wheel quickly dumped me when I was doing seated riding on grass. I must have hit a big hole on the ground.

Anyway, I was not quick enough to do a tuck and roll and instead landed on my elbow. The G-form elbow pads with D30 were not enough to absorb the impact on my elbow. Three weeks later my elbow is still sore but slowly healing. I doubt it is a fracture as it does not inhibit my range of motion nor is there any unusual bumps on my elbow. Most likely it is a bone contusion and will just need more time to heal. I have since replaced my elbow pads with the Leatt elbow pads which are thicker in padding. 

I would recommend some other rib protector with thicker padding instead of the G-form version. If I ever have a side fall again I will be doing an oblique landing technique as mentioned in my video. 

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Thank you for an entertaining and educational video.

36 minutes ago, Ethereal said:

If I ever have a side fall again I will be doing an oblique landing technique as mentioned in my video. 

It takes 0.3 - 0.4 s to fall down from the standing position. Unfortunately human reaction time is about 1 s. Only in some cases you will have time to do anything.

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That is why it is so important to practice safety falls so that the reaction becomes purely reflexive. 

When I fell from seated riding, it was so abrupt and unexpected with really no time to react quickly enough. Good thing I had my full face helmet as that certainly helped me keep my teeth. Lol. It is so important to gear up always. 

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