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V11 knocking noise - solved

Lex Smith

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Hello Lex,

Thanks for posting this useful info for people.  This is an issue I have also experienced a couple times with electric scooters I fixed up.  From this experience and other people I've talked to, the culprit is usually a bad bearing and/or loose wheel cover screw(s).  As you stated, this would allow play where the rotor would eventually contact the stator magnets. 

However, sometimes it could be an oversized bearing bore.  This sounds a bit odd and difficult to picture, but I've experienced this personally.  Once under load, the oversized bore will "knock" the bearings together at the approximate location of the oversized area.  This was fixed by using Loctite 641 bearing retaining compound and was chosen because it was medium strength (still able to remove bearing w/o a torch).  If the any portion of the bearing slides into the bore too easily (finger strength) at room temperature, then that is one indication that it is oversized.  No rotor to stator contact in this case.  This may explain why some "still hear the knocking sound even after replacing with new bearings."

Hope this helps someone as well.

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