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Think it was an airwheel

Roderick Read

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Got given an EU for my 40th birthday ... under a month ago.

Love it! I'm like a pro already he he he

yesterday I went to turn it on in the morning... It jerked about then beeped and turned off...happened a couple of times...

Bit like the reading from the IMU / gyro was being over amplified to the motor...

I charged it to make sure that wasn't the issue... tried again... It gave a big jolt on turning on.... nothing since... It's blown a fuse or FET or something..

No lights, nothing.

We haven't treated it badly. My brother who bought the EU (think it's an airwheel x3, there's a sticker saying 132WH... looks like one) is away offshore at the moment... he says it was bought as an import an therefore he's not sure about the warranty...

Certainly the manual is not at all helpful... it describes the device as having a bluetooth speaker ... there's definitely no speaker...


Any advice?

Should I try get warranty servicing ... under 1 month use is not good.

Or should I try and fix it myself? with the likes of http://www.passiongadgets.com/x3-motherboard-circuit-board-brand-new.html


The kids were having a whale of a time on this toy... pals kids are starting to get them too.

Be sad to see it go.

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Usually unbranded unicycles are so cheap that if they do develop a fault within the year, you will find that shipping the unit back to the manufacturer (once you actually find out who it is) and having it shipped back is going to cost more in time and money than the unit itself. 


Fix it yourself if you can but probably better to use the money you would spend on shipment costs to put it towards the cost of a more advanced model from one of the more reliable distributors.  As the one you have is an entry level unit I'm guessing it no longer matches your skills anymore.

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