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Pairing wrist guards with armored gloves, practical considerations

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Winter update: I discovered that my gloves (icon nightbreed, size M) fit under the oxelo wrist guards (size M), but just barely: the velcro straps barely reach their intended connection area. So I got another oxelo pair in size L and now the fit is comfortable. So it all fits together: a longsleeve sweater, the gloves over the sweater cuffs, wrist guards over the gloves, jacket cuffs over the guards. I barely manage to close the cuffs on the jacket, but the result is still comfortable. I noticed that the overlapping velcro closure of the gloves does not lead to any problems/discomfort in this combo. The oxelo guards can be fully opened and wrapped around the hand, unlike the flexmeters, which are a sleeve and have to be pulled on. The flexmeters are very difficult to pull over gloves, especially with protruding parts like armor or the velcro closure.

Long story short: basic wrist guards over not-too-bulky mc gloves is a good combo. The wrist guards are even more comfortable this way since the gloves provide extra padding between the skin and the plates.

To complete the story, I actually now wear these cycling gloves instead of mc gloves. I greatly lose on abrasion resistance [but the hands are still shielded by the wrist guards in the most impactful areas], but gain considerably in comfort [the gloves are elastic and well-fitting, the snug cuff has no closure, you simply pull them on, this simplifies the layering] and visibility [the gloves are neon green with reflective stripes -- very nice for indicating turns]. Of course, I could search for more comfortable mc gloves instead of using cycling gloves. Sadly, no one seems to make sleek gloves without armor/impact resistance but with abrasion resistance. The best I have found (but not tried) so far are these

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Last winter I wore snowboarding gloves with built in wrist protection.  I bought XXL ski gloves and could not fit any wrist guards underneath.

Devember seem nice and well built.




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Wrist guards with metal might be stronger/better than plastic.

Gloves sometimes only have partial leather coverage.  Goat leather supple but weaker.

Textiles, faux leathers, synthetics, stitching, seams, short cuffs, might be weak areas.

Guards over glove might slide easier on impact, and vice versa.

Gloves over guard might protect wrist guard from ripping apart on impact. Depends on construction of wrist guard.

Demon wrist guards are one brand with metal guards. 





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30 minutes ago, ir_fuel said:

They look like Hillbilly full  fingered gloves. I will start wearing mine as the weather gets colder. I'm looking for very thin glove lines than can be worn underneath.

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Wrist guards and gloves have been discussed plenty before. It seems that demon flexmeters are the best in terms of wrist protection due to having a much longer splint and using d3o. You can also get a version of flexmeters with built-in glove (somewhat similar to devembr, but with better wrist protection perhaps). The problems with both the flexmeters glove-guards and devembrs is that the abrasion resistance is questionable. EUCs are unique in that we need good wrist protection (flexmeter level) with motorcycle grade abrasion resistance. Motorcycle gear is designed to work with handlebars, which is detrimental to wrist protection. On the contrary, snowboarding gear can have great wrist protection but does not need mc grade abrasion resistance.

Indeed, gyroriderz combines the good properties of a leather glove and a wrist guard. However, they are not without drawbacks: 1) you are limited to a certain warmth level. They might be too hot for Summer, too cold for winter 2) the wrist protection is worse then flexmeters.

@GothamMike Demon has overmitts and overgloves that easily fit over flexmeters. I am sure they will fit over other wrist guards as well. I also wear these overmitts over regular winter gloves for extra warmth when walking with a stroller in the dead of winter. They state "Made from the most durable materials including Kevlar finger tips, these gloves are built to last". I am not sure this qualifies as asphalt ready though.


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On 6/16/2021 at 10:40 AM, GothamMike said:

Hillbilly full fingered gloves are great.


The full fingered ones have both palm and back wrist stabilization, the half-fingered one have less.

They are built like MC gloves, and you cannot easily fit liners in them. 

I've worn Snowboarding gloves in the winter, they fell apart after a few months use.

After giving Mike a hard time about this comment earlier (sorry Mike), I actually changed my mind and bought another pair of Hillbilly gloves.

I think the glove component is technically more like a downhill longboarding glove than a motorcycle glove-- they look very similar to Triple 8's downhill longboard gloves. But it's not much different than urban-style motorcycle gloves, which are probably fine for most EUC riding.

I haven't had any problems with the mesh on the top of the glove. I think that crash just spooked me a bit and I overreacted.

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For low temps: Hestra heli + propper wristguar + ringbell, DIY. These gloves got straps on wrists + 10cm stripe, you can take em off while typing phone etc. and they just hang on your wrists freely.

Black ducktape would look a lot better.

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