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Big man on a euc?

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Hi Smasher dude, big man needs big wheel. If I was anywhere anyhow close to your size & weight, I'd consider the Monster Pro(maybe V3 too) , EX &or Sherman. Not only do big guys need big motors with big power, you'd need big battery to keep up the big juice so you don't overpower it (hopefully).

Also big boys need to adopt a different riding style in that you don't want to lean too hard to accelerate. The little guys can do a 45º lean (like Kujirolls) but I wouldn't recco same technique for big 'uns as that's a recipe for cutouts. Smooth & easy's the way to go.

The smaller the wheel ie. smaller the output & battery capacity, the more smoother & easier on the throttle in my opinion. Will it still be fun? Again IMO yes. I think it'll still be fun. Not as fun as how the smaller guys do it but still a load of laughs. IMO ofcos

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On 6/9/2021 at 10:28 PM, barndoorsmasher said:

I'm a weightlifter and 6'3 and 330lbs (150kg).

Do any eucs have enough juice for me?

Will it actually be fun?

Howdy, whew you are a big lad which makes this an interesting discussion. Yeah you are going to need a large wheel but it also needs to be civilized for a new/learning rider. But first the fun factor. Obviously this is subjective but honestly I would put money on enjoying the hell out of riding every time. Learning is fun and scary in itself. :)

The tricky part is the learning curve and you again are interesting in this way. You're such a big guy that I'm compelled to ask how is your motor coordination. Or lets imagine for a moment that you are top heavy because of body building, maybe or maybe not. Only you know if you are in balance and of good motor coordination. If you think that you are good in that way then that crosses off a concern off the list (good!).

The question about juice is an excellent one (good intuition on your part). A big person like yourself could easily over power a wheel (more likely once past the juvenile stage of learning) I believe, and so you will need to keep that in mind that no matter how good the wheel might be, you will need to treat it with more care than a person who weighs half of what you do. The wheels can be pretty powerful but they absolutely have limits that can be over powered by either weight or aggression.

As for a specific wheel, we already know that it is going to be large. In my view the two manufacturers I would first look at are Inmotion and Kingsong, then the Veteran Sherman and lastly Gotway/Begode. However the topic of manufacturer is contentious at this time due to standards and safety concerns. Also and this is the bad news, the supply chain for EUC's appears to be in bad shape right now with a lot(?) of people waiting for products to arrive to vendors.

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EX or RS-HT. Something with lots of torque. I'm 250 which is lots less than you but I regularly use my RS-HT to drag up to 500lbs of wheels out to the training rink and back. Granted this is not high-speed work but it shows the power these wheels have. I quite often ride one wheel while carrying another 60 lb wheel. Think of the wheels that are dragging Marty Backe up overheat hill, there is plenty of power there to get you around on comparatively level surfaces.

For a bit of background...

My first wheel was a V5F, even though I weighed then what I do now, around 250 riding weight. Most people nowadays would call it insanity for me to ride such a small wheel, but it worked just fine, never had a cutout. Every once in a while it would yell GET OFF! at me on one particularly steep hill. I wasn't driving aggressively though, and in those days there were no other wheels on the road so the 30kmh I was doing seemed fine.

Then I moved up to the V8 which again, many people would say is way too small  for my riding weight. It was perfectly fine. No cutouts, and this time wheel carried me up that steep but shortish hill without complaining.

This isn't to suggest you should get either of those wheels, but that you should be fine on any of the far more powerful wheels of today. And that there is much fun to be had on wheels without driving at crazy speeds everywhere. Once you get a wheel and get comfortable with it you'll learn where the limits are... and have an awesome time with it.

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On 6/10/2021 at 11:47 PM, mrelwood said:

you want to keep up with group rides and get your share of some of the rush you’ve probably seen on YT, I’d go for Veteran Sherman. At least you have the beef to lift it up without issues, unlike the feathers weighing a third of you…

Getting wheels is a disease. However, if you do plan on just having a single wheel and want to go on group rides, you are going to have to go as big as you can find. Sherman or Gotway. Im a sherman owner.

At 130lbs soaking wet, I resemble the feather weight comment. Its not my weight that makes a sherman hard to lift, its that Im a weakling. IN my defense, I didnt buy the damn thing to carry it, so I dont. :thumbup:

3 hours ago, gon2fast said:

I would suggest the King Song 18L as a good starting point. Enough battery to learn on, solid build and you can get a used one for a pretty good price. 

I just so happen to own the most rock solid 18L I've seen. Its a spare and for sale. 700 miles of never a fault and pure learning/cruising fun. I dont know how it does for a HEAVY guy, but its a dream ride and was a great solid learner (and comfy cruiser) for me. I'm rocking a Ks18xl atm, but I dont trust it as much as the 18L yet. If nothing else, I can say that it hasnt burned my house down.. If you're anywhere near my area, you are more than welcome to try my wheels. Of course my cadillac sherman requires a deposit and newbies arent allowed near pavement..  :shock2:

@barndoorsmasher No matter what you choose, you just gotta get one. I doubt ANY of the wheels will claim to be suitable for your weight. SO what? As mentioned already, you ride it like you know you're a heavy guy and fun will ensue. Seize the day! Hell yes its fun. I dont take risks for things that arent! Of course it all begins with finding a wheel during a battery shortage...:crying:

*Welcome to the looney bin!

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