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I suspect that many people on this forum are secretly in love with engineering. Or at least have an innate and unwavering love for it. And why not? Engineering has brought humanity such incredible wonders, delights and things that literally inspire us to find ways to other heavenly bodies in the universe.

By water, air, land, space and even through time itself we seek to build incredible machines to transport us, enthrall us and to see if we can find others like us. So it is always when great engineering mistakes are made we find the downsides of regret, tragedy and loss. When those events happen we must know why they happened. Guesses and silence are never acceptable answers, we must know why.


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I see what you’re saying there. Fair analogy. Been trusting the wheel on some pretty steep hills, but since I’m close to the ground it doesn’t seem dangerous. I can step off any time. Did so today as a matter of fact. 
Cable cars, inclines…uh no.

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