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Is the safety and engineering philosophy/culture any better in the Veteran Sherman than GotWay/BeGode?


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it just feels like a case of a leopard not being able to change its spots. I mean who designs a device with a control panel mounted in a horizontal position with maximum exposure to the rain and the elements and then doesn't test it to death with respect to ingress protection standards and durability leaving users not able to even switch off their wheels on a 100v device with lots of current. I see something that is massively over engineered in some areas but not in the critical areas that matter, for example something innovative around dual redundant control boards would be nice. The over engineering around the frame and structure for example, looks like something born out of necessity rather than good design i.e. perhaps a company currently lacking the tooling and production capability to produce a sleek industrial design with good structural rigidity. It reminds me of the very first GotWay MSuper basically a square battery box on a wheel. Just my thoughts.
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