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Kingsong 18xl +ewheels fast charger (Montreal)

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Selling my old 18xl

Has a lot of mileage, but charges up to full 100% 84.3volts

Has over 8000kms. Tire still good.

Might need new inner shell, as all the screw holders on the sides have broken . Previous owner tightened them too much.

The 3 screw on the top and the 2 near the pedals are good, so it's only the side screws under the lights that are broken. She'll still holds up fine, but they do separate on the sides. See photos 

Lot of glue residues etc.

With ewheels fast charger plus original charger.

Asking 1200usd shipped anywhere in Canada and USA 





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No in fact still for sale! I replaced the inner shell and has new mother board and I decreased the battery size by selling on pack to a friend as I didn't need it for this wheel. 

Lol. So now it's a 18L (not xl) outer shell is still scratched a lot!

Maybe I'll just make another post less confusing!


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Does it have the XL pedals and improved trolly handle? This would be my first wheel so I'm sure to scratch up the outside even more. 

I'm interested in it, can you pm me? (I just joined the forum so I don't think I can pm yet). I live in Colorado 

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