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KingSong 16x set up

Janet Benham

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Hi folks,

 I am a newbie, just brought a KingSong 16x, but wondering if anybody would help me as am not sure that I have set it up right, to start learning to ride it, I live in East Belfast if anyone is near me, I am not that techie regarding this stuff.



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Not much to set up on these. I use eucw (android), but DarknessBot (ios) works too.  You basically just get to play with ride mode, speed settings, and update/downgrade firmware if desired. Most likely, yours arrived with new firmware anyhow. Best part of the euc is its a 'set and forget' device. FInd the settings YOU like and no need to even open another app again. Be sure to calibrate the wheel for level with the app. Apologies I'm not much help, but theres not much to explain. Just tinker and stay away from the Kingsong app. Be sure to give those speakers a go. The music and the wheel are on seperate BT connections, you should be able to pair easily. No password on new wheels, just click on past it, if asked. Kingsong MAY still be limiting speed for the first few miles, so don't be too sad if it seems slow at first. Of course if you're a new rider, anything above standing seems fast. Congrats! Im looking forwards to hearing how you get along with your new vehicle!

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Hi thanks for reply much appreciated, yes it arrived new I did download the KingSong App as the manual said to, I didn’t realise that I could download and pair it with a different App.  I have gone into the settings and even though I have fully charged the EUC it says low battery charge!  

Also I went to change the setting to Learner and it reverts to Expert, all though the dealer said for the first number of KM it would go at a slower pace.

You mention calibration of the wheel, again I did google this as it was not in the manual but don’t think I am doing it right you can tell that I am not technically minded, how does one do this and do you only have to do it one time then your done? 

I the kinda person who opens the box and the item just works I don’t need to worry about setting up!

 I see there’s a couple of people who live near me and was hoping they might be willing to call around and just check that I have things set up right.  You seem a bit far away to call!😂

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