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Which foot to use as dominant foot?


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I'm an old guy, 69 years old, and occasionally ride skateboards. On a skate board, I start with left foot a bit forward on skateboard and right foot on ground,  hopping on with right foot behind left foot. One reason for starting with forward foot on skateboard is in case a pebble slows or stops the skateboard just as you hop on, your center of gravity is behind the forward foot. I also start from a stop with both feet on skateboard, with rear foot far enough back to lift the front end, and use tic-tocs to propel the skateboard instead of pushing with foot on ground (old school).

For the skateboard starting with left foot on skateboard was because it was my forward foot. It's also how most people ride a bike, mounting from left side.  Still I"m wondering if starting with right foot on EUC would be better. I ride a Hayabusa motorcyle, so I'll be using my motorcycle helment, and I'll be getting wrist guards, and some say to get knee pads or knee pads with shin guards. I'll also need to get hiigh top shoes, or some type of ankle protection.


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To determine which stance is right for you, stand up straight, and have someone push you gently from behind. Whichever foot you brace yourself with is your lead foot. That way you know exactly which foot to put first on the wheel.

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I ride regular on my esk8, but my dominant leg is the right one when I practise my EUC. I have tried with my left leg, but I cannot control the wheel at all. And I have tried riding goofy on my esk8 but I feel very unsecure. 

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