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There is a bug that stucks the max speed in Darkness Bot?

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Hello everybody, first of all sorry for my English, is not my first language.
I have a problem with Darkness Bot on iOS (and I have an mten3). Is anyone suffering this too?

When I reach like 25km/h the speed starts to work weird, and when I slow down the speed is wrong and shows a higher speed. For example:
1) I'm at 25 km/h
2) I slow down to something like 2km/h but the displayed speed is like 8km/h
3) If I turn off and on the wheel, the problem gets fixed.

This is very annoying because there are a lot of beep alarms even if I'm riding at 10km/h because the apps thinks that I'm riding at 35km/h
And I'm a little worried that this could cause a cutoff, but probably is not going to happen because I'm pretty sure is a problem of the app and not a problem of the wheel.

And my final clue is that I think that this problem happens when I accelerate too fast. But I'm not 100% sure about that.

I will try to contact the developer but I wanted to know if someone else is suffering this.


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