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Nik+ replacement tire NA


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Alright tire gurus, my 100v Nik+ tire is bald and needs replaced for the first time.

Currently has a CST C-1488 but which I've never liked, and I'm looking for recommendations of what exactly to buy? Have seen several recommendations for the Chao Yang H666 but without any explanation/justification, just that it was good. Ewheels seems to have that in stock as well as an Omega J-6188 and Dalishen CX321, neither of which I've ever heard of. Do I buy the H666 from ewheels or a different one from there or from elsewhere?

Edit: FWIW, mostly interested in downtown street riding/not really into off-roading, if that makes a difference in tire choice.

Also, should I replace my innertube while I'm bothering to change the tire or keep the current one? Does it matter?


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