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Be careful calibrating scooter


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so i tried the hold power button for 4 seconds calibrate mode thing and it worked fine. i did it several times on a flat surface and it would calibrate or reset the device with no problems. i wanted a perfect level, so i got a level.

now the time i was calibrating with a level i accidently pressed the left pad down while doing the 4 second reset, and now that pad is unresponsive and the light stays on. however the other side works fine. i then tried resetting several times, and could not get that side to work again.

so to test the theory out, i tried the 4 second calibrate power button thing and held the right, working, side down while doing it, and now that side is stuck. 

both sides lights stay on now, and both pads are unresponsive. unit is totally unusable now, but hey, atleast we know that if you try and calibrate/reset with a pad held down, it bricks that side.

if anyone knows a fix, id appreciate it =/


Heres the link : https://www.reddit.com/r/minisegway/comments/3j6u8h/calibrating_pad_press_broken/

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I've never seen this happen firsthand but have seen many people online referring to this as "bricking" your board when you touch the foot pad while calibrating and it supposedly fries the gyros. Just need to replace that gyro really easy just four screws. If you want it fast you can pick it up here http://hoverboardscooterparts.com/products/gyroscope-hoverboard-part  for $60. Or if you don't mind waiting like two weeks there's some great deals on Alibaba, entire parts kit with motherboard and everything for like $47 http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/2nMJMbynI

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