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How riding V10f probably strengthened my lower back and ortho center muscles (a theory)


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Since I was about 9 years old I have had lower back pain off and on, for like 39 years. I hurt my back as a child carrying boxes of books while moving. I could have been predisposed to lower back injury due to malnutrition and lack of trace minerals. A couple of months after riding KS-14D I got a really bad back ache. My back went out and I was literally on my back for a couple weeks. I could still get up and move around, but it took a lot of Biofreeze from Walmart. I felt sheepish for what I thought was wrecking my back for nothing. I hoped I was strengthening my back and had just overdone it. So I obtained an EUC that was the appropriate size for me V10F, and stopped trying to ride backwards on an EUC that was too small for me, the KS-14d.


I have been taking inexpensive kal trace minerals and moringa for about 2 years off and on now and a lot of clarified butter. I have been riding EUC's for like a year of this time. So here is my theory on why my back is a lot stronger now. In the same way that moving to Wyoming and Colorado from California caused my fat layer to thicken, riding an EUC and providing my body with nutrients caused my body to fill in the cushions in my spine. I hope this doesn't sound like too much of a mental leap to you. I'm not trying to prove anything, just report that despite risks of riding an EUC, my lower back is a lot stronger. I changed a lot of other things too: nutrition and where I lived. Now, I must go to the gym and turn 20 lbs of fat into muscle.

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