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Gotway Super Pro warning


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I recently bought one of these off Ebay form a seller that appeared to be in Germany or Holland, there are many of them. I had already had a Gotway Tesla from Amazon. The sellers have an English name like Jenny or Paula but in reality are the same Chines seller, get a reply from one name when I sent the question to another.

The Kebye website is very slow and I get no reply or help from that and they also got by the name of Begode. So its Gotway, Begode and Kebye...confusing.

Immediately experienced severe tilt back on the pedals at a low speed 25kph which almost throws you off the machine...

I looked into this and was told to try Wheellog by the seller which I had already done set alarm speeds to 45 kph or and turning it off.

I tried EUC world and was told there was a bug in that, Darkbot, and Gotway app on android that's asks for access to your contacts although there is nothing in the app that needs to send to your contact. Avid giving unknowns access to your contacts to a basic poor Chinese app...

Ive also installed the app on different android phones and an Iphone. Why would they put in tilt back at any speed this seems dangerous to me.

The handbook is just a basic 3 page sheet and has no real information to help.

The wheel also came in transport mode and there was no mention of this and how you turn it off, but I found this on YouTube .

As it won't ride and have a problem with it although it was sent from Germany I am told to send it back to a room address in Shanghai China! a lot further away and a lot more expensive, and could take a month.

if we have a problem or you need to return it it may cost you €200 just to post it and its heavy.

All seems suspicious t me and overall poor service and no way to communicate with the manufacturer. I have also tried ringing their advertised number but this number doesn't exist and won't ring. No reply from emails either. Not a good way to treat a purchases who has just spent well over a thousand euros on one.

This is a cautious word of warning and my experience 

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When people buy stuff from Ebay or Amazon or Aliexpress instead of a local national reseller I think it is rather funny what many expect they have for consumer rights. I many cases the reseller is not selling for your country and due to that they don't have to ably your national law.

If you then add 2nd hand on this that is when a warning light starts to blink, even from this forum I would be cautious  buying 2nd. 

I doubt you get any help from the manufacturer. And moaning about shipping cost not for service, is something you should have thought of before not after. This is why people undermine local reseller possibility. Buying cheap but when problem occur you want full service.

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Just use the Begode app and turn tilt-back off.
You would get the exact same experience buying it from anywhere else... it would come locked without any mention and it would come with tilt back on. The only difference perhaps being the support given.

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Many shops in Europe sell EUCs limited to 25km/h nowadays because that’s the law.
AFAIK begodes can be unlocked with some code.

edit: I was right, cheers to me.

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The Begode app, Gotway by electro-sport.de I have used and is an awful app this is if you search play store on android here I have also used one on iOS and its not good either in both cases I have turned tiltback off

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I’ve got it working and got rid of the tilt back with a hack sent to me by the nice seller, Swiss guy ,with the delivery driver at the door to pick it up and take it back to Germany, so have cancelled him, would be a waste of transport 

How to unlock transport mode and this code reset should be made available to all buyers of Gotway wheels.

 So pleased out for a ride now 

Later with do a video of the hack it involves the led lights setting and a 5 digit code

 There’s no tilt back now , I got a severe wheel wobble on tarmac and have covered reducing the tyre pressure to about 1.7 bar cures this and gives the tyre some give...



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