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Newbie EUC Rider - Practice Drills / Questions

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1 hour ago, Seba said:

Porting EUC World to iOS is a part of my roadmap, but no timeframe is known yet. But it's possible that iOS version will appear before next year riding season.

Can't wait!! If you need any beta testers let me know :clap3:

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7 hours ago, IronGoos3 said:

I wish this was available on ios!

It'll be exciting when the day comes, but in the meantime I found a new Moto G7 Play for $100 delivered that I use without a SIM card and it's an excellent way to get the benefits of EUCW and put some stats on my pebble (speedo being the important one). It uploads my tours via wifi when I get home and allows me to keep my iPhone and watch safely tucked in where they're less exposed to 'accidents'. Plus, the app isn't draining my phone phone due to constant GPS etc. and it's not competing for BT resources with my main phone, if EUCW kills the battery or loses BT it's not a big deal. The Play has fabulous battery life FWIW.

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Apple sucks and they are overpriced ...:popcorn:

It only makes perfect sense to me, to buy something dedicated for euc, as you can find droid devices for $100 and people tend to care too much about their phones. Buy a non-sim droid, leave your overpriced privacy killer/life drainer of a cell phone at home.:cheers:

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  • 2 weeks later...

My flaw in the beginning was that I wasn't riding enough miles.  My first group ride of 26 miles was an eye opener.  Until then I'd only go out for no more than 5 miles.  That was a mistake.  After the 26 miler I could physically feel my riding had improved along with the riding confidence.  I never looked back.  I typically ride 10 miles at least 4 days per week.  Weekends are good for 30 miles per day.  I practice on road, off road and am currently learning to ride backwards.

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On 5/27/2021 at 12:32 AM, Unipsycho said:

I'm sure there is more than meets the eye here with road technique but sometimes simple points are best.  The leaning in with inside leg tossed in I'm just practicing that offroading as it helps to take corners sharper without leaning the wheel as much, to avoid pedal scrap, especially if riding in an offroad indented track, with less pedal clearance.  Very helpful but tough to learn I'm finding, but it comes with practise obviously. 

I need to work on my whole list above while going backwards, I find I need backwards a lot offroad and its easier to use than I ever found it in MUNI, as backwards was useful at times but really not as a technique to right out of something, just for a quick recovery and then get turned around.  But with EUCs, having ability to ride backwards at some speed is a HUGE plus, so I definitely need to get some serious backwards riding in.  I think a goal of 100km backwards is an ambitious one to work towards...  That should take me awhile.... 

I just started to learn to ride backwards last week.  I'm not really interested in riding backwards for the sake of riding backwards, I just want to be able to idle at a stop light and of course idling requires a very short stint of backwards riding.

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