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Wife + new baby ='s My Veteran Sherman 4 sale

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I am selling my Veteran Sherman to the first person showing me the money.  This is the last thing I want to do but after becoming a father and forgetting to start living a life less dangerous, a lot slower and on four wheels stuck in traffic like the rest of the boring world the inevitable caught up with me.  I have been playing with fire while soaked in gasoline for a while now with the Veteran Sherman and never even realized it until I did.  This wheel has been tested for the man who chooses to have his balls on display and laughing at fate in style as I would cut and carve through the worst traffic in America on purpose and fast just to be the guy who did. This is speeding in the city daily and never even feeling so much as a little jolt or twitch from the wheel to scare me back down to something not speeding 45mph in the left lane and passing a Lamborghini stuck in the mix up. It's rock solid and tested safe, no damage to it other then scratches on the bars from camera mounts and etc... The honeycomb pedals are awesome and scraped up on bottom obviously. The rest is tip top and has been since I got it direct from Chicway last November. 1,500 miles on it


See it in action @

Ig majestonhanna 




Majeston@gmail.com :efee6b18f3:

Hit me up 2124159565_Pics(267).jpg.76f91a81e61318c7e60357f3841912f7.jpg

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