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No longer available - Gotway Begode RS HS

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Gotway Begode RS HS electric unicycle for sale by 1st owner.

I bought directly from eWheels.com back in October 2020.

Haven't been able to ride much due to ankle surgery and weather.

Selling because I don't see myself getting used to the weight of the wheel with my weak ankle.

Very low mileage on the wheel.
About 36 miles on it.

I've upgraded the wheel is several areas;
- added velcro to sides and front & back, so you use any bumpers or power pads you like, just velcro to them. Front and rear bumper guard included in sale.
- added marine grease to the bearings opening and sealed the edges of the motor cover with silicone (per video from Choochtech on YouTube).
- added foam cover to inside center hole to prevent debree & water from spraying in at the motherboard (per instagram advice from Monoridez).
- added reflective tape as decorative safety (removable if you like to).
-covered side logo fake speaker & added thin foam layer to seal openings around real speakers.(covers can be removed if you like)
-added slime to inside of tire tube, as added safety in case of tire puncture (per advice from Marty on YouTube).

Comes with original box & charger.

Most upgrades included in the pictures.

Local pickup sale only.
Not shipping the wheel.

Thanks for reading.
*Posted as well here:




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Mileage update: about 45 miles on the wheel now (5/7/21)

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