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Help me identify EUC: seen/want one!

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Just joined the forum to get help identifying an EUC I saw a few weeks ago. (At least I THINK it was electric.)

Location: Novi, Michigan, on Grand River (street name)

Seen riding on sidewalk adjacent to 50mph street- two of them, a couple dudes with matching vehicles. I was driving, slowing down approaching a light, and they sped past me, so they had to be doing I'd say 20mph minimum- def "fast" seeming. Riders had full helmets, shin guards, gloves. (They were experienced/aggressive riders, which might help ID these.)

The thing is, I just can't seem to find anything online matching the features:

SEATS- real ones, appeared elevated.  One wheel, minimum 12" diameter, tires were thicker like a dirt bike, but not true fatboys. And they had what you could call an actual framework- not just a wheel in the middle of a box-like shape. These things were NOT quiet! Black, maybe some red accents on there- no splashy colors or rainbow LEDs (unless they were off).

I am on the fence about whether they had handlebars or not bc they were so fast. Riders were def leaning forward, street is a bit of an uphill slope.

TL/DR: They were like a badass, lean motorcycle if it only had one big wheel. That was my main overall impression.

I desperately want one. Couldn't get pix fast enough while in my car.  :(

Me: obsessed with Things That Go, amateur gearhead, skate-ski-sail- SPEED






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Veteran Sherman is the only 'common' wheel out currently that has stock roll bars or farmework.. Its also been a big seller this year. Almost all decent eucs can easily do 20mph nowadays. Welcome to the forums!:thumbup:

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Yeah, the rollbar seems like a dead giveaway for Veteran Sherman being the EUC model you saw.

 But don’t fool yourself into thinking that other EUC models would be any less cool! Current EUCs are all fast, have very long range, and are magical flying carpets that make riding them feel unlike anything else!

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