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Doubling the pads in a motorcycle jacket

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I have a motorcycle jacket with CE level 2 pads. After a fall, i noticed it might not be enough for shoulders, they still get hurt. Im thinking of putting 2 pads in each shoulder pocket instead of one there. Would this help to provide better protection ? Or is there any reason that i shouldnt do that. I gave it a test and it seems ok.




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2 hours ago, Ronin Ryder said:

Would this help to provide better protection ?

I piggy backed the shoulders and elbows of my jacket with additional D3O pads. I don't see any disadvantages except for the added bulk.

I’ve never tested the mods in real time but IMHO (aside from a helmet and wrist guards) you can’t protect those 2 anatomical regions enough. 

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Its just chunks of foam between you and the hard stuff. Pad up like the michelin man. As long as you can still move your apendages, it shouldnt be a problem. Even if the pads rub each other to bits over time, it will be a LONG time. Besides its still just foam and you can get more.

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The thicker the padding the more protection it delivers. Always. And doubling the thickness provides considerably more than double the protection because once you bottom out the padding then that's it...it provides no further protection.

However, street protection clothing may not be the best due to its slimness requirements, but equestrian crash vests seem pretty good.

There's also airbag technology.




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