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Nikola+ internals question/help with repair.

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Hey guys, I just opened up to try to fix the "broken since bought" handle lift sensor as well as a now non-working brake light.

Q1>  I noticed at the very top there are 5 holes for bolts in both the back/front (if you are looking at it from the side).  The front has those 5 bolts.  The back just has empty holes.  Is this expected?

Q2>  I youtubed to figure out how to get the shell off but wondering if there are any easy tricks to get to the handle sensor so I can swap it.  At first glance it's not obvious how to get there, although I can see the wiring up there, I'm not sure what is the minimum I need to remove (just pedal hangers?) to access that area.

Q3>  Same question with rear taillight.  

Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can give.


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Q1: the shell is made to fit for both sides (left and right). So the holes have to be at the front and back. The screws there fit into the metal piece of the trolley.


Q2: Sadly You have to open the Nik on both sides, unscrew everything (also the screws behind the RGB LED) lest the screws atached to the pedal hanger. Then You turn the wheel on the side with the motherboard, so that the side with batteries only is facing upwards. Then You remove that inner shell (unscrew screws at pedal hanger), but only on that side. For removing the inner shell You have to unplug the batteries and remove them and every tape. Now you can remove the inner piece (trolley, lift switch, backlight) by removing only 2 wooden screws there. This is only possible from one side.

If You are there, You can also remove the layer showing GW, so that the backlight is red only and better visible.

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Wow thanks for the awesome response.  I think I'm going to close this back up.  It's really not worth the trouble to fix the anti-spin button for my non-dominant hand....at least now I know.

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