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Educator looking for Hoverboard info


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I was given a number of hoverboards to use for projects in a school.  None have charged  batteries or chargers.  None work as hoverboards and not interested in fixing them.  Just using the parts to do other things.

Some of the motors are going to being used to make DIY wind turbines.  The remaining parts are going to be used to build other things with.  This is where my questions start and i hope someone has the answers or can point me in the right direction.  And. thanks in advance.


The hoverboards are model "Smart" with specifications listed as 650x245x230 36v.  Not much more info than that.

The LED boards ("street lights"?) I'm playing with right now have JKL-PHC02-E-VO2-8-LED-L.  When i search this I get a few links for parts and to smartboardsuk.com but no support for electronics, wiring diagrams etc.

On the LED boards I'm wondering about specifications?  Voltage (I've run them to 12 vdc where they are bright but the current and heat starts to rise after this.)?  Current?  Are they RGB or just, in the case of the left one, blue?  Thought these might work well programed to flash off an Arduino.

Any suggestions on charging the batteries without the supplied charger?  I have the built in receptacle but could connect them to a charger in other ways. They are 36v

Finally, looking for any other suggestions on what to use these for?  What have you built from used hoverboards or seen done with them?  Ideas a high school student could do? Just looking for ideas.  Thanks again.



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