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*SOLD* Gotway MSX 100v 1865Wh £1,250 *UK ONLY*

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Very reluctant sale of my MSX, probably the nicest example of this wheel out there. And the last (2019) of the truly great GW wheels before hollow bores reared their head.

This wheel has never been dropped or crashed and is in excellent condition. Only a few very light marks from transporting in and out of car etc.

This started out as an 84v version, but after around 300 miles it was converted to 100v by use of EUC Service's excellent packs and a new 100v board. This is no dodgy chinese conversion, its the same conversion that EUC Service sold themselves (along with Ewheels) and uses the same brilliant Sanyo GA's as Gotway did. Each additional pack also has it's own BMS specifically designed for this conversion and remains a 6P config. It has been impeccable and charges to what it always has done - around 100.6v~100.7v on the EUCW app.

With 144 cells this makes it a true 1865Wh wheel, not manufacturer overspecced like the 1600 (1554) or 3200 (3108) wheels.

Its currently showing only 1365 miles and only once has it seen rain when I got caught out. It's never been jumped or ridden down stairs, I am no Fantomas. Nor has it seen salt/snow/mud/sand. In fact I rarely even ride trails, 95% of my rides are on road.

LED's have been converted to be fully user-adjustable, both remote controllers (1 for front, 1 for rear) will be supplied.

I have also neatly mounted the buzzer at the top, which can be clearly heard at all speeds/batt levels. The location also means the seat can still be used without affecting the buzzer at all.

The headlight has been changed to the bigger, brighter Nikola version.

Pads are custom, neoprene covered and sized to fit exactly in the shell recesses. I can supply the unused stock ones if you really want.

Pedals are the bigger Nikola ones. I do not have the stock ones.

I will include the seat (hardly used) and a 3A/6A switchable charger. Oh and its got the mudguard lol.

The original tyre is still on it, and you can still just make out the Nike ticks so plenty of tread still left. That said, I will even throw in an as new (20 mile old) H587 if you want.

The lot goes for £1395 **PRICE DROP £1,250**. This wheel stands me in far, far more than that and like I say, examples like this are virtually non-existent. If you want a dependable, no fuss wheel that even these days goes like stink, wont have bearing issues and has plenty of years fun left in it this is it.

Only reason for selling is that I need the range of a Sherman, otherwise I would deffo be keeping it.

If you cant make it to my home, I am happy to drive a little way to meet, maybe a bit further for petrol money. I am in Essex.

Any questions fire away, nothing to hide with this wheel.

Thanks for looking :)





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Cheers man, it's a great wheel for sure. Just out of place in a sea of Shermans. It's not fair to hold everyone else up to charge :(


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  • Planemo changed the title to Gotway MSX 100v 1865Wh £1,250 *UK ONLY*

I've had a couple of PM's about this wheel with questions over the 'modding' of the battery packs.

To ease any concerns, this wheel is exactly the same wheel you would have received had you puchased one from EUC Service in Poland, Ewheels in the USA or any other number of vendors who were selling the 100v 1860Wh MSX at the time. They were all done the same way. I cant vouch for the source or how well the packs for the Chinese conversions were built, but I know for a fact that EUC Service and Ewheels had the same packs, which were supplied by EUC Service. These same packs are in my wheel as I ordered them directly from EUC Service.

There has been zero issues with charging or balancing, and I have measured the voltages of each individual pack every time the panels have come off just to be sure.

Just wanted to clear that up :)


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I wanna know how you put in the Nikola headlight? Attach the to stock board?

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Yes, same 2 pin plug. Stock msx headlight surround needs to be dremmeled out to suit. Much better illumination than the stock msx light.

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  • Planemo changed the title to *SOLD* Gotway MSX 100v 1865Wh £1,250 *UK ONLY*

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