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V11 feels wobbly, what is it, Croocked tire, loose axel (Im not wobbling, the wheel is)

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V11 feels wobbly all of the sudden. Its not my legs its the wheel I feel. I ride daily Either the Inmotion V11 or the Veteran Sherman. My V11 (wonderfull super comfy wheel) feels a little wobbly now and then - I ride 35 PSI - at one point I hit a bump a little too hard the wheel feels a little crooked Im not sure. 

How to diagnose this ? I have an alternative wheel/motor with new bearings. Could I take off the tyre + wheel and have the wheel adjusted by some auto-mechanic   Se kildebilledet

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Are both shocks holding the pressure and what is it? Is the frame with pedals moving all right? Is the tire centred, or does it run side to side a lot when you turn the wheel? Unfortunately there is no way that an auto mechanic can help you there, because the EUC motor can't be mounted on their centrifuge. And maybe try lower tire pressure. 3 psi down could do a lot... (it did for me).

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I had the same problem with my KS16 when it was new. So I decided to change the tire on it.
When I took off the tire, I saw that it was cracked 15 cm on the side of the tire. The damage was inside the rim so I couldn't see it. The damage to the tire caused strong vibrations only at low air pressure.
The damage was caused to the tire on the assembly line at KingSong. They had used metal tools during assembly and their tools had damaged the rim, which in turn cut up the tire. I sanded the rim with wet sandpaper and fitted a new tire on it. And for the moment everything is perfect.
Do the work by yourself. You will succeed if you first watch a video about "how to" on YouTube. Type as keyword in the search field: inmotion v11 tire change.

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11 minutes ago, Zopper said:

¿Ambos choques están aguantando la presión y qué es? ¿Está bien el cuadro con los pedales? ¿Está el neumático centrado o corre mucho de lado a lado cuando gira la rueda? Desafortunadamente, no hay forma de que un mecánico de automóviles pueda ayudarlo allí, porque el motor EUC no se puede montar en su centrífuga. Y tal vez intente reducir la presión de los neumáticos. 3 psi abajo podría hacer mucho ... (lo hizo por mí).

You say it is all true.  👍

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