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Interesting Battery Recycling Information

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Just thought I'd share, I have always felt that the batteries we use are a necessary evil, but solutions are apparently in the works... 

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"[...] already recycling tons of batteries and sending some of the recovered materials to Panasonic so the battery maker can put them right back into Tesla's cars." 

Tons of batteries... How many tons? 3? 30,000?

Some of the recovered materials. What is the percentage of recovered materials is reused by Panasonic to make batteries?

It seems to me that recycling batteries may end up cost more (transporting the batteries from home to a recycling center, recycling process, transporting the materials to factories, producing new batteries with the material) than producing batteries with new materials. If it's the case, the percentage of recycled batteries (those we actually recycle here in the West, not counting those we send in poorer countries) must be unfortunately low.

I believe that electric cars and all other devices using batteries are extremely pollutant and it's a shame I think that governments put so much effort on reducing gas emission while they neglect actual contaminants that pollute our rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Also, how come a battery comes to an end, material becomes depleted, and then the factory can just reuse 95% of it to make another battery equivalent in quality to a battery using new materials? This doesn't make much sense to me.

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