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Simplest EUC for tire repairs/replacements

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For first time EUC buyers much discussion revolves around speed, range, weight, tire size, and ergonomics but what about ease of maintenance and repairs? 

Can anyone comment on the degree of difficulty to replace flat tires for example, on the typical range of first wheel EUCs: Inmotion V8F, 10F, 11, Kingsong s18, 18XL, 16X, 16S; Gotway MCM5, Tesla, Nikola+, RS.

What EUCs are simplest to open up, access the wheel and repair? It seems from various tear down videos that EUCs are not really designed well to be opened for regular maintenance and I can see how it simple it would be to strip threads on bolts, snip wires or break connections between batteries and controllers with metal fatigue, etc. 

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RS and EX/EX.N easily takes the gold medal for the easiest tire change around. I don't know if the new Monster Pro uses the same construction that allows for easy tire change though.

For repairs i don't know really - i wouldn't recommend neither the RS, EX/ EX.N or the Monster Pro as those require an inexcusable amount of maintenance because of poor waterproofing and design (still don't know how true that is for the Monster Pro though) I would avoid the S18 by all means as people have had to fully rebuild the suspension system with other, more durable, parts. Also avoid EX particularly because of the suspension system being prone to catastrophic damage as it is exposed to the road.

For gotway i always change out all the small screws that attach the side panels to the body as those are almost guaranteed to strip if you are to tighten them to the point of making the side panels watertight. They are phillipsheads and i change them out for flatheads.

I mean usless you are completely carefree and reckless when putting the euc back together no wires should snip and no connections should break. You want to carefully put these machines back together like you would a car. If you are careful and doublecheck everything the only thing to be really careful about when putting the euc back together is when attaching the side panels back, to make sure that no wires get crushed between the body and panel.

These are just my personal opinions based on my observations but many people swear by the eucs i criticize, and to each his own. 

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V10F is pretty easy once get a good experience of removing the side covers. Can also easily mod the side covers and not have to remove pedals. 

1. take pedals off

2. remove side covers

3. Open the controller cover, unplug motor wire which is in a harness so just one connector!

4. Remove bolts holding pedal hangers to shell. 

thats it, the shell lifts off in one piece to reveal the motor/wheel. No snaking of wires. 


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Mten was easiest. Ks18 series wasnt bad. I would suspect that 30minutes for either, is the time it takes to change out a tire. No need to remove pedals on either, to do a tire.

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