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Veteran Sherman V3 (Updates only)

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1 hour ago, Mantraguy said:

Photo links aren't working for me... maybe a sharing issue?


Weird, I edited the post and put them back in... hopefully they don't glitch again

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I ordered my Sherman in December and received it in January on the smoke container. I recently bent my rim on the left and right side and cracked in between the bents. Ordered parts to replace rim. eWheels is shipping me the new 60 mm rim and informed me I have to order the new pedal hangers. I didn't understand why, until I read this thread. I also have the new cover with black buttons waiting for me to install.

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Posted (edited)

Attached are the updated motor rims. previous rim was 4cm wide, it is now 6 cm wide... 50% increase. Some have reported minor scraping when riding with one foot. 

Photo cred: @upbnsfrrfan




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Ewheels confirmed a modification was made to the shell to all 2021 models (V3 still) to protect the BMS from impact when landing on either side. For wheels that precede 2021 simply remove the plastic shown below on both panels. To keep it simple, place both panels side by side and remove the plastic on the left side of both panels when the inside is facing up (like the picture below). Do not try to mirror the cut onto the other panel (so don't flip the panel on top of the other one like a sandwich trying to align the bread lol. The section that needs cut should be on the right side when mounting the panel back on the wheel.

I hope I was clear in my steps, but if you are still confused, you can cut both sides if you mess up. 

Please refrain from asking questions as this is an updates only post. For questions please visit @Ben Hatfield post

Photo Credit: @Ben Hatfield


Sherman Panels New.png


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