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Anyone recognize this make and model?

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Hi everyone,

So I've made the leap into the EUC world (or rather a tentative step) with the purchase of a very cheap second hand unit.  Based on the photo I saw of it on the online trading platform I thought it was an Airwheel (maybe X3 or X6) but turns out it isn't.  Just wondering if anyone recognizes this unit?  I've trawled through loads of pictures of units that look exactly like this except they don't have the logo on the side (the bit ending with 'eng').  Hoping to get some basic info on it, maybe a user manual etc.  It had trainer wheels on it when I picked it up this afternoon but I've taken those off.  Any help or hints would be appreciated. 






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There were many clones in this era. I don't think anyone will be able to recognize this particular one. But they all behaved in pretty much the same manner so if you find manual for the airwheel it will mostly correspond.

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Thanks andress.  I've done more research and think you're right - found so many units that look identical to mine but made by different companies.   I don't think finding the manufacturer is going to be any real help anyway.   Based on the assembly date on the battery pack it appears to be about 7 years old so the Model T of EUC's :-)

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