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FS: MSP c38 in Louisville, KY, 2600 miles, $1600 shipped (SOLD)

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Selling my daily riding wheel after picking up a c30 variant from a friend.

1800wh, 21700 cells. Purchased from ewheels. Warranty through April 29th.

Never dropped at speed, came off once at 15 mph but didn't result in any significant damage above the scrapes it's sustained in the learning area in which I teach people to ride.

Installed H-666 tire 300 miles ago and I'm really going to miss it, it's phenomenal.

I'll pay up to $150 of ewheels-subsidized shipping (that'll go pretty far, but I think only within the north american continent).

Battery sure feels like full health still; charges to 100.8 and always stored in air-conditioned basement and at 40-80%. Fully charged just prior to a few longer group rides.

Vicious grip tape installed.

Includes original box and stock charger.

Edit: Here's a photo dump!


I have a front and read bumper affixed with 10lb velcro, very easy to remove if you want that cleaner look. Same with some small white reflector stickers and the neoprene I have on the top for seated comfort: all very easy to remove.

The padding on the side would take some tedious dedication, however...

The silicone sealant around the bluetooth speakers could use a re-applying, it's deteriorated to the point of almost being useless, so don't ride in the rain until that's done.

Edit 2: almost forgot, tire was slimed about 11 months ago. So whoever buys it put that in your calendar.

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  • Dan Hillary changed the title to FS: MSP c38 in Louisville, KY, 2600 miles, $1600 shipped
  • Dan Hillary changed the title to FS: MSP c38 in Louisville, KY, 2600 miles, $1600 shipped (SOLD)

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