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Scooter won't even turn on?

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Hi, bout a 2nd hand electric scooter. No idea what brand it is. Doesn't say in the manual.

Was riding down the street, I pushed the throttle a tiny bit more n it literally just cut out on me... Wouldnt start again... Had to walk about 5-10ks after the fact, thought the battery might've needed charging but I charged it n nothing happened.

When I push the button for a second it lights up Asif it's gonna start but immediately shuts off.

When I HOLD the power button down it it lights up n shows the red repair icon, then proceeds to show the msg, E10

I sorta did a quick Google search but I can't find the same model scooter n not sure if the error codes are across the board with E bikes n scooters.

Was hoping someone has had the same issue in the past n knew the fix. 

Took some vids of it, links below, cheers


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E10 is usually a controller error. Did it seem to take a full charge? You can check voltage at the charge port, but to get a TRUE reading, youll need get to the packs. Be sure to check all connections. Google search engne is your friend.

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10 hours ago, ThisIzIt said:

If the throttle was damaged, would that impede the connection from the controller to the motor?

I am NOT well versed in scooters so please ignore anything I say that seems unlikely. I do think the throttle is what speaks to the controller and the controller powers the motor. You probably need to see if yuo can figure out what type of scooter and controller it has. If you need any parts, you're gna have to have a basic idea of that.

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Does anybody have the solution to this problem??? my bird es1-300 wont turn on i fullin charge it And when I do charge it the box show green and red. I juss got this scooter weeks ago. Can anyone help please 

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