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Hit the asphalt in a roundabout, 16S

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Yesterday I did a too tight turn in a roundabout with my 16S.

The pedal hit the ground and I fell for the first time in 3-4 years.

Now I'm thinking I want a wheel with higher ground clearance.

Is that maybe the 18XL?

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Just now, johnyz89 said:

Definitely 18XL has higher positioned footplates, but don't lock your mind on one brand. 18XL is rather old wheel.

What would other good options be?

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18XL is old and for me the best wheel. Latest versions are almost free of issues so if you are looking for an everyday commutation wheel, it's a perfect choice. I do about 20-30km per day on mine for now almost 3 years and I'm very very happy with it.


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