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Hi guys,

I would like to hear your opinion on the following. 

My kids 8 year birthday is comming up and his wish is a new wheel (and helmet 😉). He has been riding the Mten for 1 1/2 years now and tried a 14” wheel the other day. He just took off like a rabbit running from the fox. I am thinking of buying him a Tesla3 now. What do you think? 

And...I am also thinking about buying a wheel nr. 2 for me - a fun wheel for the days off and when riding with the kid. 

Right now I ride the InMotion V11 and I love the wheel. I use it everyday to and from the office in Copenhagen. I drive very aggresively and hit the wheels speed limit a lot. But I have no problem with the max speed, any faster seems a bit irresponsible when going zig zag between cars and bicycles 😊 and when driving downtown i rarely drive faster then 40 km/t. 

I have my looks on the Nicola. It looks to be a wheel that is lighter (more fun) then the V11 but also with the power and balance to ride fast safely? But also a wheel that is more comfortable on the more slower and relaxing rides with the kid in the weekends. Here the V11 seems very clumsy and heavy when riding next to my kid on long rides. Plus with the suspension it is a very comfortable and safe wheel but also a bit boring. 

I am however very keen on the Begode RS highspeed also. But my thoughts here are it will just replace my V11 and I will never ride this again 😉 Knowing that there might come a V12 this summer, my thought is to buy a Nicola as a fun weekend wheel and then wait for the V12 as a replacement for my everyday V11 wheel. 

Am I totalt off here ??? Will I be disapointed with the Nicola ??? 

I would love to hear your honest thoughts about this. 

Happy riding guys.

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The Nik is a good wheel, tho I hear a little wide in the body. I wouldnt cloud my decision with any FUTURE wheel ideas. Best to let someone else give the new ones a go, and damn sure dont make the mistake of assuming or counting on a wheel that hasnt even been released.

I doubt youll outgrow the v11 even after you have another wheel. DIfferent flavors for different days. The RS is definitely not a nimble wheel, so you can strike that off the 'ride slowly with the kid' idea.

Damn spoiled kids... nuff said.

As far as advice on God, i have mine, hopefully you have yours and we neednt name drop them :)

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I am a bit jealous for not living and riding in Copenhagen like You. That must be a dream...


Keep in mind that the Tesla 3 is havier than the V2. It has the new hollow motor and could have bearing problems.

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My daughter just started riding the MTen3 and is loving it, but I imagine she will outgrow it in about a year or two just like your son. Part of the reason I went with a Tesla v2 as my first modern wheel is to have it ready for her to take over when she is ready, and then I can move onto a bigger, newer wheel myself! 

So like others have said, Tesla or MCM5v2 (if he prefers a 14” wheel) are solid choices. If you can afford some time, it may be worth waiting to see how the V12 turns out, which looks like the nest entry to the high performance 16 inch wheel market.

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On 4/3/2021 at 12:51 PM, Pjoke said:

I have my looks on the Nicola [sic]. It looks to be a wheel that is lighter (more fun) then the V11

The 100v Nikola is not really lighter, it's basically the same weight as the V11--within a few kg/lbs.

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