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Gotway MSuper M8 Where to purchase


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Hi Guys,

Does anyone has advice on where to buy the Gotway MSuper when ordering from Belgium?

Do they have a factory to buy from like IPS has or does one need to contact a more local dealer.

Although I'm still expecting my first EUC (IPS Zero),

Call me crazy but I'm already interested in that model as well. :-) 

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I know http://microworks.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-801331043/Electric_Unicycle.html sell gotways for a good (factory) price (they sent me a quote of MCM4 340Wh for 505$ + 138$ shipping to the Netherlands) and people say they are reliable, at least in respect to the parts they sell. To whatever price is quoted you do need to add the import tax + VAT, which is probably around 30% extra in most EU countries. However, buying directly from China means you practically have no warranty. You also risk that there will be battery-related shipping problems and/or long delivery times.

PS, this forum section is not the best place for posting this question

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