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Hi Guys. 

I have come across a few posts on Instagram and videos of russian riders with awesome aftermarket gear for their EUC's. 

From the little i know about Russian scooter modders they have a good reputation for building after market kit. 

So the idea of this post was to find out who has bought from russian sellers what did you think of the item you bought and do you have a website to recommend? 

I am based in the UK and dont speak Russian im not after anything in particular just wanting to see more of the range of whats out there the weather is getting better and I fancy showing my wheel some love with some new mods. 

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated in advance on behalf of myself and anybody else who finds your input useful. 



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I purchased some Tesla pedal columns from delight device on Instagram. Still stuck in customs. Honestly the process was terrible. It took a month of going back and forth before I was able to hand him money, through transfer wise. He is really busy, and maybe not good at this business thing, but nice guy, and interesting products. Seems very honest so far, was very attentive and prompt after I paid him.I think being in EU will help the transaction. Should have the pedal lifts in a week, but we’ll see. I think he is on this forum. I am very excited about them, although the price is tough to swallow.

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I had business with Alex_AO (side pads & jump pads) & eucyou (lift pedal hangers). I received my goods from both sources in a acceptable time (shipping took around ~3 weeks from both).
Both speak english, both are best contacted by instagram or telegram. Paypal was no problem with Alex_AO, eucyou was abit more complicated i used transferwise.com at the end.

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Ironically i have messages eucyou on Instagram but his response was sombre to say the least.  I fwlt like i was inconveniencing him for liking some of his products.  He has not responded to me in days now so i have switched off him. 

Alex_ao i have just placed sn order so when products arrive i will update this post with images and how the transaction went. 


@DangerDan would you say the transactions were worth it? 

Thanks for your input guys its really appreciated. 


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I received the pedal lifts and they are very high-quality. But it took so long I ended up with a Nikola... so now not sure if I want to mod the tesla or not. Might keep it stock if I want to sell it to get something else, or keep as a training wheel. Might actually lift the Nikola, haha.

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