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Eunicycles charger 500W


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(Charger brand listing)

This is a placeholder for Eunicycles charger reviews and opinions.

Disclaimer: I lack the knowledge to properly review a charger, so take this as "impressions". if someone more knowledgable can get anything from the pictures or has other information it would be great to add it here.

Eunicycles sell adjustable / smart and also dumb chargers of various power ratings, based on the XieTong series. (Electrony / electroncy )
The opinions I've read of them are positive.

Here are a set of photos of the SC-500 by @Rolzi (thanks!)







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True, this specific one isn’t adjustable, but it’s the same guts as this one which is. 

The point of my series of overviews is mainly to gather some impressions of build quality and possible electric reliability if anyone had the knowledge or care to comment from the photos. It has also the goal of finding who the producer is for the various vendor brands, in order to recoup information. (is a "Chibra" charger the same as a "1RadWerkstatt"?)

Detail specs isn’t the point here, but as you care that I used the sentence Eunicycles sell adjustable / smart chargers of various power ratings” rather than “Eunicycles sell adjustable / smart and also dumb chargers of various power ratings” I edited it for the later.

Title should probably just be Eunicycle as it doesn’t have to be just about the 500W model. Speaking of which the actual o producer model name is probably C600.

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I ordered one (Eunicycles Li-ion Charger 500W, Input: 230VAC 50hz, Output: 100.8V 5A) and it came with


Product  features

- Multi-stage Charging

- Constant Current and Voltage (CC and CV)

- Pulse Widtht Modulation (PWM)

- Build-in Microcontreller (MCU)

-Synchronous Rectification

- LLC Resonance


18 month warranty, comes with cables and extra fuses (you can change the fuses without opening it).

Orderded it to use with sherman and I was warned some chargers (smart ones) might not work with sherman cause they might turn off before balancing stage is over.. (Stay tuned for more on my tests about that.. Ordered this to replace my stock charger that had some 150uf capacitors and shady history with it..):thumbup:

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..but sadly it seems the balancing stage will never finish fully with Sherman with this charger. It seems to have feature to shut down when balancing (the charger thinks fully charged). Sherman will stay on cause something is in the port but does not get the last bit it wants.
I was able to finish the last part of the balancing stage with my MSP stock charger (100.8 3A).

I will repeat this to confirm. And prolly edit these posts to one.
There is some room for error but I only needed few minutes to finalize the charging balance with the other charger.
Maybe someone battery expert could explain does the last few minutes matter in balancing?

Rather hidden feature. Anyway good to know if this is your only charger with sherman, cause imbalance can cause some of the battery cells to degrade faster than others and should that happen, the wheel will lock.

One last thing, the fans are quite noisy. The charger only uses the fans to max power during any stage of charge, this keeps the charger "cold" unlike some charger that get hot during use. Still rather noisy device.

I would not recommend taking this  to outside or as travel charger cause very poor IP rating 20.

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So looking more into this, it seems we are talking the very last ~0.1V here in the balancing stage. So there will be balancing as promised, just tends to keep you Sherman awake and the port shutoff function (on shermans end) will not work.

Maybe this will help others, should you consider buying one.

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