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Need help in solving the non charging problem on Kinsong 14M

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4 hours ago, Yeshwanth Akurathi said:

Charger voltage is fine 67.2V. Battery voltage is 50.47 V.

Could be some bad connection/wiring from the charge plug to the battery, something wrong with the input protection circuitry of the battery. Or a very bad cell triggering quite imedeately the overvoltage cut off of the bms.

Not much to say - you did some visual inspection, checked the connectivity of the wiring?

Is there any change in reported battery voltage if you connect the charger?

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What's the pack voltage of the dead wheel's pack?

What happens if you connect the 50V pack to the other wheel? (same wheels?) Does it light up like the other wheel?

Does it charge?

Worth a try.

Visual inspection of the pack is good. Check for damage, or corrosion etc. (Expert: If you feel like taking the shrinkwrap off you can inspect it closer. If you're handy and patient you can read up on how to rebuild a pack. It's tricky and requires some tools but it's doable.)

50V is a bit below 0% battery level for a wheel so it's not odd that they don't like to power on, for safety reasons.

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I'm sorry I thought you were the fella that bought two wheels at an auction. 

I'm going to say that there isn't much you can do but to remove the shrinkwrap of the battery pack and measure the individual groups. This way you at least get to know that you have dead cells.

If you can locate the bms board under the shrinkwrap and cut very very carefully it's possible you can expose the probe points on the board to measure it without fully removing the shrinkwrap. That way it could be possible to put the pack back in the wheel.

On my v8 what I have is a dead balancing circuit. I have two cell groups with accelerated discharge. It means I would end up in your situation if I did nothing but because I have a balancing cable attached to the probe points, I can use the pack by manually charging the bad groups once every like 3 months. This can be done for years and years.

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On 3/15/2021 at 1:46 PM, Yeshwanth Akurathi said:

How do I confirm if it is an issue with battery or the controller? 

Afaik only the very new ks wheels have the charge input routed through the controller.

So with the ks14m there should be no chance that the controller is involved.

On 3/15/2021 at 6:05 PM, Yeshwanth Akurathi said:

Are we getting any hints from this?

Afair the leds were already blinking red in your first video?

Did not find an error code for all leds in this list https://www.ewheels.com/knowledge-base/king-song-error-codes-what-they-mean/

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Chinese region Kingsongs have the letter P toward the end of the serial number.
It shouldn't affect charging though.

This isn't a direct solution for your problem; but in case firmware upload fails, try with the EUC laying on the side, or even upside down. This puts it in some special mode where firmware is shoehorned in.

Good luck.

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