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FREE Ninebot One E+ Control board to a good home!

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Hey guys! I'm moving soon and was taking stock of all of my belongings when I saw the Ninebot One E+ that I had shoved into the corner of my garage a few years ago. It's only come out one time since then for a single day (the 2019 LA EUC Games) and I don't think that's right. This was my very first EUC and I put a few thousand miles on it. I rode it to death, loved it to death, and modded it to death.

Unfortunately, it no longer receives the love and attention it deserves with my stable full of newer, more powerful and more modern wheels. So I figured I would try to get it into the hands of someone who would appreciate it a little more. But to my dismay, when I turned it on I found that while it was still balancing properly and I could ride it, the tire was completely flat and the innertube will no longer hold pressure for more than about a minute! Not only that, but the battery would only charge to about 56 volts after a full day on the charger, which is WAY below full.

Because of this, I decided that the only part of the wheel I was comfortable passing on to someone else was the still-fully-functional control board. This is the second control board I have used with this wheel and  it was never abused or stressed unduly. If I remember correctly it was on firmware version 1.4, although I can't be sure...


I am giving this baby away for free, and will even be footing the shipping myself! I just want to make sure it goes to a good home; to someone who truly needs it and will appreciate it. Let me know either here or in a PM why you think it should go to you, and we'll talk it over. 

Cheers everyone! :cheers:


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I would like it, will pay for shipping since I am from Greece.

I have an e+ given to me from a friend, with a burned motherboard, when my e+ was stolen, I was supposed to fix it. My e+ got retrieved by the police, so I didn't change the  mosfets, I was a bit worried about it. I now have an s18 and my e+ is at a friends house for his kids, it would be nice if they could have a second one. :)

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Hi Arbolest, i've just bought a second hand ninebot one e+ for Ringgit Malaysia 1100, which i came to notice was a bad price as per the condition of the euc. however i still manage to learn to ride it and it brings me so much joy and makes me fall in love with the euc. I wonder if your gift can bring my euc to its full potential again cause i really need a lot of spare parts. Thanks.

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