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[solved] no light on my new 9B1 E+ with v1.3.0


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so I just bought this 9b1 E+ N20. ( from a big store in France.... like french bestbuy )

I upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 and started to ride. no problem.

After 2hours training with 2 other friends  (they are beginners), the unit took a small fall (no scratch). 

I had to try twice to turn it on and no light came up anymore. (no battery level and no light at all)

Has someone experienced this before ?

I checked the wire/battery and even tried to reset the devise ... it doesn't change anything !

I can still ride as normal and the app works fine, just had to pair again the blue thooth.


any idea ?

should I return and use the warranty?





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It could be a problem with the LED's which is similar to this thread. Since you just got the Ninebot, then better ask for a new replacement. Maybe you can give the reason that the LED's stop emitting after the 1.30 firmware update.


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