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Looking for a repair/modifier


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I'm looking for someone to repair & modify my two Ninebot One+'s. They've been rode hard but I know they can be fixed up. Just a couple of new batteries, pads and tires along with a good cleaning. One of them did get a good solid wreck, nothing serious though.

I do want them both modified to the max as well. I'm also looking to get skins made for them if possible. I own a bar/restaurant here in Key West and I want our bar logo put on the sides.

Anyone out there up for the challenge?


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I'm in the UK, so can't really help physically.....

For the graphics, any sign printers will be able to print that onto wrapping vinyl for you.  Will probably only cost $40 ?

Battery & pad is a fairly straightforward swap, and the tyre isn't too bad as long as you use good quality leavers.

Good luck !

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