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Gotway MSuper tire


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Does anyone know where to buy MSuper tires?

Tire specifications:

Chao Yang 18x2.50-64/355

I couldn't find any chinese site (alibaba, Taobao, etc..) able to provide a precise quote including shipping cost (to France).

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Follow up:

on offerany (chinese seller on chinese selling system) the tire Is proposed at 7,73$ (It has been impossible to get a shipping cost through their chat system and the seller cannot be contacted directly)

@unicycle distribution Proposed me 50$ for the same tire + 60$ shipping to France... Probably a joke...

Eroue.fr in Paris Will sell it to me for 30€ (30$). I bought my wheels fom them and i Will get the tire from them as well.

There are some chinese sellers who think europeans and american people are ready to pay any price. They Will have to understand that we are not so stupid. So, i won't advise you to deal with @unicycle distribution

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