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Looking for a couple last-gen 100v Gotway wheels in the San Francisco Bay area!

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My goal here is to get my hands on several (4-5) of the older 100v, 615Wh battery packs.

I don't care if the wheels are damaged or even functional as long as the batteries are healthy. 


I intend to use the batteries in a custom build, so I'm on the market looking for packs or wheels that people have upgraded from or otherwise no longer need/want! Have an old beaten-to-death 100v MSX, Monster or Nikola that you don't ride any more for some reason? Let's make a deal! I'm willing to drive a good distance out of the Bay area if I need to meet you halfway for a sale! 


  • Batteries must hold full charge! They need to be able to charge up to full voltage (within margin of error) and hold it.
  • No previously damaged packs! If they have been submerged in water or you think they might be untrustworthy for any reason, then I don't want them!


I am also looking for a working 100v Monster V3 control board! Let me know if you have one I can take off your hands!


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