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Mt Whiteface NY ride?


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The Mt Whiteface highway allows Bicycles for 15 USD.  Mt Washington in NH only allows Bicycles on special days. These are the only Mountain climbs on the East Coast I can think of. NYC/NYS Boston Albany Montreal riders interested?



A ride from LP or Jay, NY could be fun.  What EUC's would survive the climb?  Outside of the towns are "Forever Wild" per the NYS constitution, sa don't expect charging spots along the way.  Charging likely at the top of Whiteface, I will email the Olympic Authority to confirm. You'll be regenerating on the downhill.

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I work with the people who operate the weather instruments at the Whiteface mountain summit. They give tours sometimes, if you're lucky you could probably see a lot of that. Unfortunately it's probably not practical to take EUCs all the way to the summit, though-- there's a real hike involved after you get to Whiteface Castle. (You might be able to take an elevator instead, but the hike is more fun.)

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I assume there are outlets you could use at Whiteface Castle at the end of the highway, though google says it's temporarily closed. (I can ask about their plans if you want to actually plan a trip.) To clarify, Whiteface Castle is about 99% of the way up the summit. Just the last 1% requires a hike or elevator ride.

https://www.google.com/search?channel=fs&q=whiteface castle&num=10&ved=2ahUKEwi50sDvqqHwAhVVV80KHZjIA2AQvS4wD3oECBoQNA&rlst=f#rlfi=hd:;si:12572230813929624999,l,ChB3aGl0ZWZhY2UgY2FzdGxlSOGXpqOngYCACFokCgZjYXN0bGUQARgAGAEiEHdoaXRlZmFjZSBjYXN0bGUqAggDkgEEY2FmZZoBJENoZERTVWhOTUc5blMwVkpRMEZuU1VSVkxVbExNekZCUlJBQqoBDhABKgoiBmNhc3RsZSgA,y,7T9tnPrOs_I;mv:[[44.3807910452775,-73.8807064125061],[44.35640180181441,-73.94507942886352]]

I don't think you'd be able to use outlets at the summit itself, because those are probably being used by the weather instruments and computers collecting the data.

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