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KS18 bluetooth needs to be replaced...anyone knows how?

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My KS18 bluetooth on and off connects/disconnects to my LEMFO watch. Initially, I thought it might have to do with my watch. So I did some simple testing by trying my watch connecting to other wheels. No problems. It only happens with KS18. Does anyone have any idea how to replace a bluetooth on a KS18? Does the whole motherboard need to be replaced? Is it a job for a novice? I am just throwing this out there, any info is appreciated!

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There are two Bluetooth modules on KS18 motherboard. One for data and another for audio. One is part of motherboard and another one is soldered on motherboard... I'm not 100% sure but I think the one soldered directly is the one responsible for data transmission... So in this case you will have to change all the motherboard. It is not so difficult for someone with basic technical knowledge. To me it sounds like some parts are unsoldered, so maybe inspect your KS motherboard before changing it (around $300 for a new one)

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