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Upgrading from V8 (solowheel) to V11.... what to expect?


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After 2 years and 1000+ km on a V8. I've placed an order for a V11. Mostly because I'm overweight for the v8 (230 lbs).

It took me several weeks to learn to ride the v8 and even now I occasionally have unplanned dismounts. I'm a bit concerned about how difficult the transition from a v8 to v11 will be.

Has anyone had a similar transition? What were your experiences? Step on and go, or back to the fence to start over? Put the leash back on?


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Exactly the same here! Just one year V8, not 2.

At first the V11 is scary! Mounting is weird, because unmounted it's so high and it only goes to normal hight once you fully stand on it. In the first corners it felt like a tank. I thought I'll never master this. But thinking back it was the same when I mounted a knobby tire on my V8. Just a few kilometers and you don't notice the difference any more.

The biggest and really, really bad downside is the weight!! Next to it the V8 feels like a toy. Now in winter I'm barely riding, so I'm storing the V11 in the basement. Carrying it there is really much worse than I thought. I bought the V11 for the plus of range, so, when commuting to the office I have enough juice to take a detour on my way back home. I always carried the V8 3 floors up to the office. Now I caught myself thinking of continuing to use the V8 for commuting because it so much more "portable". Carrying the V11 3 floors is not an option. I will need a bike lock to secure it in the courtyard.

Also the size is impressive: I store the V8 next to a wardrobe. The V11 doesn't fit there. It's protruding so much that one would stumble over it.

I can't tell much about the suspension yet since I didn't go offroad. Apart from mounting I didn't notice it much, (in a good way.)


Last summer I cracked my shoulder in a V8 crash (despite full protective gear). Since then I barely rode and due to this I have a hell of a lot of respect for the V11. Maybe even fear. The shoulder still hurts sometimes and probaby always will. It will take a while for me to get over this. Not sure if I'll ever dare to take the V11 full speed.

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