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Broken monster pedals looking for good replacement options, prefer bigger(wider).


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So far pedals on my radar are chicway, Nylonove, monster v3 pedals, aliexpress states v11 pedals could work. I would like something bigger (wider)than what the monster had, I added some padding to the outside shell and stand hanging off the edge of the stock gen 1 plates.

I just found out via staircase what was talked about early of gen 1 monster footplates being breakable, Are monster v3 plates durable? as they seem bigger/wider than gen 1 which would be nice if compatible.

I mainly just want bigger/wider plates, and a slight angle in vs flat as was on the original monster. Thanks for the help!


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I've fitted a set of Sherman footplates on to an MCM5 and they fitted fine.  They fitted straight on, the only thing is the magnets may or may not be in the correct place but I had already modified the pin and added a grub screw and plastic spacers so they have friction when they are placed upright.

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  • Fox changed the title to Broken monster pedals looking for good replacement options, prefer bigger(wider).

Yea, there seems to be many choices, I hope I can make up my mind soon, need to get something on the way. Kinda leaning towards monster v3 pedals because they are almost 2" wider, hopefully they don't break like my gen 1 did,  Trying to find out if they have any tilt (and if not how I can make tilt), and if I can find pedals as Wide in other brands that do have tilt currently, but I think the v3 monster pedals might be best choice.

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